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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


would you like to wake up to a mist filled morning? to a roosters alarm? Slowly you hear the sounds of different songs by birds, you lookout and see the sunlight filtering through many fruit trees. Surely a blissful, calm and serene atmosphere, one that is entirely different from your noisy and polluted city mornings. If you would like to wake up to such an enchanting morning, then you are welcome to our Golden Hills Homestay at Cherukattor.

Golden Hills Homestay is located in WAYANAD district in the northern part of Kerala. Cherukattor is a small village nestled in Wayanad, the land of tea and coffee plantations, spices, legends and folklores.
To make a booking at Golden Hills,Contact:

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Call : +91 9895437504 or 9400335304

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