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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WAYANAD-an adventerous place for trucking

I went to Wayanad a few times. During my jorney to Wayanad I found very difficulties to find the places where  I want to go. So  I want to make a blog about the tourist places & the way to get there.
മീന്മുട്ടി വെള്ളച്ചാട്ടം(Meenmutti waterfalls) is one of the best place in kerala for trucking.After Panamaram bus stand there is a  15 minute journey to get there.Now onwards there KTDC took this place and provide a few guides.They help us to get there.A group containing at most 10 people will charge rupees 300.There is about 30 minute journey to get near the waterfall.It is the most attraction of Meenmutty.

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